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We are a very loving and caring congregation-

ALL are welcome.

Fall Worship Schedule:

8:00 AM Fellowship and Breakfast-Each week will be different! September 10th will be a full breakfast from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM then some Sundays will include Donuts, bagels, fruits and so much more. It's new...we will surprise you.

9:00 AM Worship Together in the Sanctuary

10:00 AM Education Hour-Pastor Luther will be teaching the first round of the Education Hour.

Communion is offered both at the altar or by individual chalices. You choose which is most comfortable for you.

Parking for Sundays is available in the front parking lot and there is plenty of parking in the back. 

Coffee and Donuts are available every Sunday.

There is a short worship available online each Sunday.

We have a very active campus with lots going on.

We are home to Sunnyside- 

We are also home to two other congregations Living Word and a Samoan church.

Check us out!