Call Committee 2023

We have extended a call for a Senior Pastor!!!

We anticipate the new Pastor will start in June! 


The Call Committee has selected a candidate.

There will be a Meet & Greet on Saturday, May 6th at 3:00 PM in Endter Hall with light refreshments.

We will vote on the candidate on Sunday, May 7th at 10:00 AM after we worship together at 9:00 AM.


Call Committee Notes


It’s April 2023 and the Our Redeemer Call Committee is working hard. We have met with and will continue to meet with some excellent candidates. The Call process in the Lutheran Church depends on God’s presence with both the person called to be our pastor and the congregation. Pastors and deacons are not assigned in the Lutheran Church, we covet God’s blessings on all of us as we move through the process of choosing new leaders.


If you wish to review a description of Our Redeemer that possible leaders read prior to talking with us the MSP (Ministry Site Profile) is available from the church office. I encourage you to read it. This document was created over an 11-month period and Included several activities that involved the entire congregation. The Call Committee reviews an RMP (Rostered Minister Profile) when a pastor indicates they would be interested in serving at Our Redeemer. This process is in place across all ELCA churches in the USA.


From another perspective, Pacifica Synod is a synod of 110 congregations, approximately 22  of which are actively looking for pastors. At Our Redeemer, we work in tandem with Pacifica Synod as the synodical staff helps to pair congregations seeking pastors and pastors seeking congregations. Bishop Dave Nagler likes to remind us that “For every seminary graduate 6 pastors are retiring.” You may recall that Pastor Terry Tuvey Allen was our synod guide through the Transition process and has retired. Pastor Jennifer Schultz is our new liaison at  Pacifica Synod.


What can you do as our congregation through this process to identify our next spiritual leader? Members of the Call Committee covet the prayers of the congregation, for the congregation, and for our next spiritual leader and for the Call Committee. The Call Committee is praying that we will soon be out of a job because God has blessed us with a new leader! As Call Committee Chair, Jerry Engelhardt says continuously, “Keep praying!”


Carol Tuntland, Call Committee

History! Core Values! Mission! Vision! Ministry Site Profile!

The Transition Team (Annette Agosta, Kameron Andersen, Edmund Channita, Pastor Misael Fajardo-Perez, Will Fleming, Ron Sterns, and Carol Tuntland (Chair)) has been and is working hard to get us to the point where we can form a CALL COMMITTEE and move forward with interviewing potential pastors. We are hoping the Call Committee can begin their work in September, so it is time for the Church Council to begin the process of electing a Call Committee. Our congregation has been praying collectively and individually for wisdom and guidance. With that in mind, we want all members to be aware of the opportunity to be involved in the Call Process. Written below are the criteria from the ORC Constitution and the Transition and Call Process Manual provided by the synod regarding who should serve. If, after prayerful consideration, you feel that God is laying it on your heart to serve on the Call Committee, please contact Lorrie Klevos, Council President, by phone (714- 350-3003) or by email ( * * * * When a vacancy occurs in a position for which this congregation calls a rostered minister, a Call Committee of six or eight voting members shall be elected by the Congregation Council and approved by the congregation at a congregational meeting. Term of office will terminate upon installation of the newly called rostered minister. (Chapter 13; C13.05 of the ORLC Constitution

“The committee should reflect the diversity of the congregation. Pay attention to age, gender, length of time as a member, levels of involvement, and attendance at worship. It is recommended that one person from the council and one member from the Transition Team serve on the Call Committee. If not indicated by the constitution, the committee selects its own chairperson. “The purpose of the Call Committee is to identify the candidate who is best suited to lead the congregation into God’s future. The work of the committee must be done prayerfully, and the people on the committee must be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit. The Call Committee is not looking for a person to HIRE; rather, they are looking for the “right” candidate to CALL at this particular time and place for this particular congregation. “One of the benefits and responsibilities of the committee is to build relationships with each other. Take time to learn what gifts and skills each member brings to the work of calling a pastor. Because of the cross-section of people on the committee, it is likely that each will learn something about the other and his or her ministry. It is imperative that the call committee digest and take seriously the Ministry Site Profile from the Transition Team. Frequency of meeting depends on the committee members and their schedules. Meeting once every two weeks is a good baseline to consider, though some committees meet every week. “Before the interviewing begins, the Call Committee needs to meet, perhaps several times, to study carefully the oral and written information about each candidate given by the Office of the Bishop. It is the expectation that the Call Committee will interview all the candidates provided to them. “The characteristics desired in all Call Committee members are:


“1. Worship Participation – Familiarity with the worship life of the congregation is critical for a Call Committee member. Regular participation in worship speaks of a commitment to honor God, hear God’s word, and receive God’s gifts of mercy and grace.
“2. A Person of Prayer – The Call Committee will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit through prayer as it goes about its work. A person who prays will be able to entertain new thoughts and directions as the Spirit leads
“3. Can Represent the Whole Congregation – The Call Committee should consist of persons who know the needs of the whole congregation, and they are able to make judgments based on the greater good of the whole congregation.
“4. Able to Speak Out – People on the Call Committee need to be able to express their thoughts and feelings. They should be people who have confidence in their thoughts and reflections and be able to give them voice at the appropriate times.
“5. Able to Listen – While they need confidence to speak, they will also need the skill of being a good listener. They will need to listen to one another, and they will need to listen deeply and thoughtfully to a candidate being interviewed.
“6. A Person of Conviction with the Ability to Reach Consensus – Members will need to be people who are capable of working together towards consensus, trusting that the Holy Spirit is at work through them. Continued conversation will ultimately allow one candidate to “rise to the top” or not.
7. Available – Call Committee members will need to be able to adjust their schedules so that they can attend all committee meetings, especially during the interviewing time. Only members present during the interview of all the candidates being considered should participate in the decision-making discussion.” (From Embracing Transition: Transition and Call Process Manual)


Understanding the Call Process:

Call Process - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (

Mission and Vision Day

was held on Saturday, June 4, 2022


Core Value Days

was held on Saturday, April 23rd

Heritage History Day on Saturday, March 19th was wonderful!

The Stories from History Day are in our April Newsletter.

Get to know the Transition Team:

Carol Tuntland:

Will Fleming:

Kameron Anderson:

Anette Agosta:

Ron Stearns:


The Transition Team has done their work and completed the Ministry Site Profile. It's now time for the call committee to begin the search for a new Pastor.

Calling a new Pastor is a long process. God is preparing the Pastor He has for us. Pray for open hearts, listening ears and discerning hearts for the call committee. Members of the call committee are:

Lynn Badertscher
Jerry Engelhardt
Traci Fitzharris
Dave Frostad (Council Representative)
Larry Griswold
Tina Ray
Susan Sauter
Carol Tuntland (Transition Team Representative)

The Call Committee members shall serve until installation of the Pastor.
(See, ORC Constitution, Chapter 13.05.)

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) completed by the Transition Committee 2022