Evangelism Workshop by Pastor Jennifer Garcia

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We’re passionate people at Our Redeemer. We’re passionate about Jesus, about praising God in song, about studying God’s Word, about spending time with each other, and about loving our neighbor. It can be hard, though, to share our faith stories and the hope we have in God with others. And now, we can’t even invite our friends to gather together with us in our sanctuary or in Endter Hall for music, prayer, and laughter.

Our world is hurting right now, and we can’t respond in the way usually would. We can’t hold each other’s hands, eat a meal together in the same room, or wipe each other’s tears. We know God loves the world and will win in the end. But how do we share that good news in a compassionate and inviting way?

Earlier this year, I spent a couple months interviewing people involved in evangelism at various local congregations, primarily non-Lutheran. It was fascinating to learn about different approaches and perspectives around evangelism. No one at the time, though, anticipated a pandemic or that we would be sheltering in place for months.
So, how can we share our faith during social distancing?

Let’s explore this question together and see what we can learn from the Bible about how to share our faith stories. This 3-week workshop series will take place over Zoom on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m., May 20, 27, and June 3. Please have a Bible, a writing utensil, and something to write on (or an electronic equivalent).

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