There are several ways to

Give to Our Redeemer Church


We trust that you’ll find it easy, convenient and safe to give your offering online.

Have you established your online giving account yet? It’s easy to do, and it will make your giving simpler.

First create a profile using your email address and password on a customized webpage. Following pages will allow you to designate your giving to the “General Fund” and/or “Building Fund,” the frequency of giving, and how you want to give- automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Automatic withdrawl is the best option since you know what date it comes out and there is no other bill to pay.

If you’d prefer a church staff member to enter all your information and set up your account online for you, ask the office to give you a “Simply Giving” authorization form, and we’ll take care of it for you. And you can call the church office to assist you with any part of the process - 714-539-9541. We want to assist you in any way that we can. 

To get started, click on the button below.




  • Another option is going through your bank bill pay. You set it up as a monthly payment and the date you want it taken out. It comes to the church as a check (some banks will send it electronically) and the church handles the rest. It helps if you put your envelope number in the memo line (Make it much easier for the counters).
  • We also have offering envelopes available. Pick them up in the church office. You can mail your offering or drop it off when it is convient for you. 


Monetary giving is a great way to care for the church. Would you like to share your time or talent with us? Many folks sing, work around the church, volunteer in the office, call folks on the phone and so much more. Contact the office to find out what is available.