Children's Ministries

We offer Sunday School at our 8:30 AM Worship time. We stay for the announcements in the Sanctuary then head to room 1 in the preschool building to learn. 

All Children's Choirs are currently on a hiatus and will resume soon.

Kids of the Kingdom The Kids of the Kingdom is our school aged choir. They are able to read and get to learn how to read music. They enjoy the chance to learn praise music, participate in our youth musicals, and learn a love of many musical styles. 

Cherub Choir  The cherubs are our littlest ones until they can read. Generally until about 1st grade. They learn basic music skills, get to experience musical instruments, learn rhytm music, sing praises to Jesus, and generally have a great time. 

 Good News Choir  The Good News Choir is for our Middle School and High School Choirs. They learn to read music, understand music styles, sing all kinds of worship music. The Good News Choir led by Mrs. Ann Badertscher also gets to lead worship during our Prayer & Praise Worship, these students take the lead during our youth musicals, and participate musically in worship. Mrs Ann Badertscher has music degrees and has many years of Music Experience as well and working with children.